How to open unix executable file on mac

There are hundreds of files on the dvd mainly ai, psd, pdf, doc and docx. As the company was a design company I would be surprosed if they weren't using macs. I waded through every file and there was no list of file contents. Interestingly the original dvd did not open on my mac, it was seen as blank. I had already coied it on a windows machine and the copy worked fine in my mac. I have looked at the files on a windows machine but they have no extensions and windows does not know what to open them with.

Can you tell me how to get to terminal. I did it once and I can't remember how even though it was only yesterday! I can't find out how on help just lots of suggestions of what to do with it! Any ideas on what next or should I give up the day job!

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I'm off to Google now. I have no idea what the content files extensions are and some of the files are quite large. The cotents are important for my job. Is there any way I can open these files?

Open document that was sent as Unix Executable File?

A 5 hour internet search and I'm no closer to a solution, I'm just more confused. Reply 8 of Originally posted by Gene Clean I just looked into the file, and it does not seem to be a legit file to me. Reply 9 of They're close, but enough is different that it can be confusing to the new user if they get the wrong set of info. It's exactly what you see in the Finder.

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  5. I'm sorry you got sent on wild goose chase with that one. If you look inside it, it's obviously a Carbon executable. More to the point, it is indeed an installer. Running it through strings pops up little goodies like.

    How to Open Files with Terminal on a Mac

    This is where the trust of the source comes into play. Poking around a little bit more reveals a proper file structure for a.

    Opening a Unix File with Mac OS X

    I wonder if you could just toss in your own Flash files and have them as screensavers? Ah, here's the company: Chances are very good that it is legit Contacting the developer isn't a bad idea unless you know and trust them directly. This just makes sure that we can quickly get to it. You'll see an entry that looks something like: Those mean that the file is executable.

    RPM-Based Linuxes (RHEL, Fedora, CentOS...)

    If they aren't there, type: Who owns the file, when it was made, what the permissions are, etc. This ensures that that executable is the one getting run. Basic security check. If they were, you "open" them run the program by double-clicking on the icon for them.

    macos - Running an executable in Mac Terminal - Stack Overflow

    Presumably, they are data. If you want OS to assign a type to them, give them a suffix. If you want them to be treated as HDV files, give them the suffix '. Generally speaking, it's not worth the effort to attempt recover things like HDV files. Chances are pretty good that they are unreadable.

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