Guild wars 2 mac beta vs bootcamp

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Find more information here. Wot I Think: Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2's fourth season peaks with a Crystal Dragon hunt. Guild Wars 2's premium currency unavailable in Belgium as legal pressure builds.

Now People With Expensive Silver PCs Can Play GW2 Too

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Please enable Javascript to view comments. He'll be pursuing and engineering degree, but is also a big PC gamer. Posted on Apr 30, Then get him a PC laptop. If you want to play games on a MacBook Pro, you need to look at the 15" or 17" models.

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But, if he's a big gamer, get him a PC. Posted on Apr 30, 1: Page content loaded. Apr 30, 1: May 7, 9: Don't discount MBPs for gaming.

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I have the 15" MacBook Pro, purchased last October. Runs great.

If he wants to game make sure u get him a mouse. I recommend te apple magic mouse since it is Bluetooth and won't use one of the two USB ports. May 7, Look in System Profiler and post the model identifier, it takes this form 3,2, 2 numbers seperated by a comma.

May 17, 5: You, sir, just made my day. Granted, I had to run the game at relatively low graphics, but I never had trouble. The thing is, I have been worried that GW2 wouldn't run well on it.

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  • The Mac gaming landscape remains dire, with no improvements in sight.

I'm feeling ten times better now that you have said that you actually had experience with it via beta. Thank you so much!

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Aug 4, 5: Hey man how much hard drive space and ram did you have to dedicate to windows if you even need to dedicate ram when you use Bootcamp Idk? So i was just wondering what you did since you said it ran very well, and i figure this info would be useful to others planning to do the same.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanks ahead of time. Aug 4, 6: Hard drive I think I gave gb or so and ram it uses all that is available, so if u have 8gb it will use what it needs. The game ran fine on 4gb of ram but I upgraded to 16gb of ram recently cause I got it on sale at future shop for what new egg was charging gotta love price matching. Also if u are looking to run bootcamp, I recommend buying your copy of windows from newegg. Sep 2, 6: I'm going to go ahead and disagree with wjosten on this one.