Usb 3.0 hub for mac

In Stock. To connect an external hard drive, wire keyboard, Logitech mouse receiver and laptop cooler usb power, I bought this. Pros, Design is very solid and simple Additional power source adapter provides putting more than 4 usb-based devices. Reduce power loads on my laptop.

Led light indicates what ports are used as a data source or not e. Data transfer speed is very close to the original speed when i put the USB to my macbook. Cons Power adapter is little big than what i thought. Add to cart.

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Anker 4-Port USB 3. I had given this a one star review because my wireless mouse would lag when plugged in to this. However, it seems like this is a problem with USB 3. Somehow USB 3. Other than that, the hub works fine. List Price: You Save: Excellent choice for USB Hub. Has a nice blue glow to each powered USB slot when powered on. If blue lighting is a problem for your situation then this unit is not for you as if light is out the USB will not have power.

The electrical cord is good length and not a stingy shorty type. Has a double sided suction cup pad, in double rows that one can apply a bit of moisture to mini suction cups to anchor unit to your desk surface to maintain it's assigned spot. I have mine on it's side so the USB cords plugged Since the hub does not have a separate power supply, it is limited to supplying a maximum total of ma 0.

Would like it in black. Cart Fort Wayne, IN. This USB hub was a surprise. I have had USB hubs in the past, and while they were all fine and worked just like they were supposed too, this one brought a little more to the game. The Construction: This is where this hub went above and beyond. It is a solid aluminum outer shell, offset with white plastic side panels and usb sockets.

Belkin Aluminum USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

The feel is tremendous. It feels solid, really solid. When a device feels this solid, even if it does not work any faster than any other devices, it still jumps up notches in your mind. I know that Amazon is full of this style of hub, by many manufacturers and if any are up to this quality, then you really have no fears in picking any like this. I can't attest to others quality, but this hub, is quality and Wright NY, United States. Upon arrival, I went ahead and installed this without reading the short instructions that came with it.

After all, how hard can it be? I don't know why. Also, it has clear guidance for installing it- part way into a USB slot, then gently into the vent slots on the bottom of the display, and finally, seating the USB plug all the way. The instructions also state that, "This device can only read one memory card at a time. This thing looks like an Apple add-on when installed. Because of the way it's mounted, it feels VERY solid while inserting thumb drives Works with no problems.

What I didn't realize however is that you can't mix USB formats on the same hub. If you have a USB 3. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3. Good Job!! This is great. I detest having to rotate my iMac 27" to reach the USB ports. I also don't like having unwieldy usb hubs laying around. After working out the finer points of what makes a great USB hub, we combed the websites of prominent USB-hub sellers Anker , HooToo , Plugable , Sabrent , and others, and we looked at some of the top-rated and best-selling hubs on Amazon.

For our update, we tested two new four-port hubs, two additional seven-port hubs, and two more port hubs. Then we worked with our experts to devise a testing plan that would both tax the hubs and use them the way normal people would. We also used each of the finalists for a full day of work, which entailed using our wireless mouse recommendations , charging a phone, and having a number of other USB devices plugged in.

We monitored transfer speeds as well as surface temperatures using a Fluke IR thermometer during heavy file transfers. We paid close attention to design choices such as the port spacing and location, the sturdiness of the hub and all its connections, and how noticeable dust and fingerprints were aesthetic concerns, but concerns nonetheless.

We also checked for nonfunctioning ports, connections, LEDs, power buttons, and the like. It sports seven USB 3. This Anker hub is reliable for simultaneous USB 3. It measures just 5.

The Best USB and USB-C Hubs

It was just as speedy as the best of the other, worse-designed hubs we tested. Although Anker advertises the three charging ports as providing 2. Anker told us that when all the ports are in use, individual ports "might not reach the max 2.

This means that the hub can charge even power-hungry tablets, as well as smartphones and other devices, at fast rates. The charging ports work even if the hub is connected only to its AC adapter and not to a computer. Anker also provides an month warranty, a coverage length that we found to be standard across most of the hubs we tested.

Some hubs, including the HooToo model that used to be our top pick , appear to have problems with particular operating systems. Despite being the best-designed hub we tested that has at least seven data ports, this Anker hub still has a couple of annoying quirks.

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The top plate is made from a glossy-black plastic that shows every fingerprint, smudge, and speck of dust. The upward-facing ports are great for making plugs and devices take up less room on your desk, but the port orientation means that the ports are susceptible to dust collecting inside. Like most USB hubs, this Anker model comes with a chunky power supply. If you need more than the seven data ports of our main pick who are you?!

Unlike the 2.

USB Hub Mac compatible -

The AH also has glossy white plastic around the sides and a different LED color than our pick, but the two models weigh the same and come with the same power brick and cables, and they worked similarly in all of our tests. The AH typically costs more than our top pick, and it has just two extra data ports—and two fewer charging ports—so make sure you really need that many data ports before springing for the AH One of our editors has been using the AH since September , and it has been working great, providing plenty of power for any USB device hooked up to it and allowing reliable data transfers.

The charging port has also worked flawlessly. We also recommend testing, right when you get a new hub, compatibility with your existing USB devices so that you can return the hub if it has a problem. For example, if you have a USB 3. The AmazonBasics four-port model ships with a power adapter, but it provides less power than our requirement. It has only three data ports, with the fourth port reserved for charging.

Though the company claims charging at 2 amps, we measured only 1 amp of charging output. It has the same body and a similar port array, including the same number of data ports. It also has charging ports, but only two instead of the three of our top pick. HooToo labels these charging ports as 1-amp and 2. Rather than the clean, side-by-side power- and data-cable ports of our top picks, it has a port on each vertical end of its horizontal layout, making for more cable clutter.

The first time we plugged it in, the first power-indicator light took about 30 seconds to turn on. We also encountered random disconnects, heard an annoying coil whine, and saw speeds slow down during multiple-device transfers. Also, the AH measured 7 inches wide, but more than 8 inches deep with our recommended flash drive and other devices plugged in.

Belkin Aluminum USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

This model's seven BC 1. It also has a glossy surface that shows grimy fingerprints and scratches easily. Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Anker Port USB 3. Also great.

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Buy from Newegg May be out of stock. Everything we recommend Our pick. Vertically stacked ports front make it easier to connect larger plugs and thumb drives than horizontally arranged ports back. The hubs we tested for our update. Michael Hession Our pick.