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What is Recovery Mode

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Unable to Start Up My Mac - How Can I Repair My Hard Drive?

At times, you can also see the Apple logo, a spinning gear, a spinning globe or a prohibitory sign. Whatever it is, you and your Mac are stuck.

There are no peculiar noises to demarcate the problem and make it easy for you to narrow the causes down, just Mac grey screen syndrome to grate your nerves. Like every lock with a key, there are no complications without solutions, and the same goes for your Mac! There are ways to get the Grey screen Startup blue by fixing Mac grey screen by any one of the following methods:. If you get the blue screen, then yes, it was a problem with one of the peripherals. After reconnecting all the peripherals and if there is a persistent Grey screen Startup , your keyboard or mouse could be the culprit.

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Swap a spare if you have got one to test it out, and then restart your Mac. If you are still looking in the face of forlorn greyness, then let's look at other methods, don't worry yet. It's time to check if your hard drive has got any problems. You have to run Disk Utility to confirm the same in order to fix your Mac grey screen. If you are notified the problem is fixed and yet it's the grey screen that greets you, then you know you aren't freed from the clutches of a Mac grey screen.

Safe Boot will perform certain diagnostics to ensure your Mac is up and running, in some cases hope yours is one of them! It so happens that a Safe Boot can get rid of perpetual worrisome greyness, sometimes. If Safe Boot worked and you have sighed the big sigh of relief, restart the system from the Apple menu once the desktop loads completely.

Mac Startup Keyboard Shortcuts

You will have to take up any of the next three methods to solve the issue. But, it could be worth it. This is tricky, as you will be now data-rupted and that's the ultimate step to fixing the grey doom.

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If that's the case, then yes, your Startup Drive is the criminal. If your Mac launched off successfully with one of these three methods, you may be able to repair your startup drive. It has to be taken into account how there is a scope for data loss on repairing the startup drive. You might take your Mac to an expert if you've got no backup to save you. If a Grey Mac Screen is still the ending of this tale, well If you had a backup at the time, there is no need to fret as what can a reinstall process hurt?

But, if this failed too and you have got no backup, it's best if you get a technician to help you in luring a much missed blue screen. Directly getting down to erasing data and reinstalling the software is headlong. Trying out the easiest methods to fix mac grey screen and getting to the later ones in the chronological sense can be helpful and you wouldn't have known if you hadn't tried out, would you? Mac hard drive space errors are not at all uncommon but they are major as they result in performance lags, hard drive issues, and storage space running low.

Therefore, if you need to restore lost data from the system disk under macOS How to disable "System Integrity protection"?

How to choose a startup disk on your Mac to boot from USB

How to choose a startup disk on your Mac to boot from USB You set your Mac or Macbook which disk to start up from when more than one startup disk is connected. Set the default startup disk You can change the startup disk your Mac automatically uses from System Preferences. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences. Select your startup disk from the list of available volumes. Temporarily change your startup disk with Startup Manager Startup Manager allows you to pick a volume to start from while the computer is starting up.

Use these steps to choose a startup disk with Startup Manager: Turn on or restart your Mac. Immediately press and hold the Option key. After a few seconds, the Startup Manager appears. Use your mouse or trackpad, or left and right arrow keys to select the volume you want to use.