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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Curse Help Register Sign In. Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding: Keep in mind that some of the new features are still a work in progress, and check the changelog to ensure any bugs you might wish to report aren't already addressed there. As the texture pack for 1. I will be leaving up links to the 1. For those looking for alternates, grab the 1. As always, be sure to check out the changelog to see what all's been added--there's quite a few new things this round.

Note that Optifine may not support every feature in this pack. If you choose to use Optifine, any problems you encounter should be reported on the Optifine thread so that they can hopefully address your problems. This thread is for discussion of this texture pack only. I can only provide support if you've followed the installation instructions posted. I've also posted my pack on PlanetMinecraft. Give my pack there a diamond if you wish to support me. Before you even download the pack note that this is not a place to post error messages.

I am an artist. There is nothing in my pack that will mess up your game! So don't blame me for your hardships with installation. Be sure to read the installation instructions! This is an HD Pack, you cannot install it like any other texture pack! After you have read and followed the instructions, and you still have trouble with installation, check the F. If you still have issues, please post them on the thread--someone should be able to help you.

Do not PM me with tech support issues regarding getting the texture pack to work. Changelog [6. Current version will be listed at the top of the changelog. It's now easier to know which files can't be redistributed. I'm sure there's a lot I did that I can't remember I promise next time I'll update the changelog AS I make changes. Now arrows should look like they have spin on them.

They should look a bit less artificial in large clusters now. Knit caps now only in snow areas. Jungles are the best! Each behave differently. Great for floor tiling! They can now have a variety of labels or no label at all. The sun is brightest in deserts. They now indicate burrowing. They're not perfect from some angles, but way better than the default. Fences will look weird in the inventory and hand only. The creeper face will mostly be visible in extremely dark areas now.

Nightvision effect is unchanged. Making underwater look MUCH more underwatery. To simulate the noise generated by the brain when light signals aren't being interpreted well. Again, don't inhale! Thanks again, Mojang. Gay sex is now not the only way to reproduce. Don't inhale! Not a big change.

Make up your mind already, Mojang! Biomes are much more thematic now.

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Toned down the red and saturation. It should be more faded and orange now. Affects nothing in-game. Then animated it at the last moment. They were not intended to have the egg texture.

Minecraft Misas HD Texture Pack 64x64 Minecraft 1.4.5 UPDATED [German/Deutsch]

Potions are a bit more vibrant, Spawn egg colors make more sense. Closer to how they used to be with my pack instead of the Notch defaults. Smoother transitions, no longer look like Notch's defaults. Sunsets are more dynamic and torchlight is much warmer. Much more visual diversity among trees. Most noticeable in deserts, swamps, and cold areas. Not noticeable in common biomes. Swamps are muddy, mountains have mineral springs, ice fades into water, and deeper blue oceans. Not integrated. Requires minecraft.

Minecraft lego texture pack 1.4.5 download

Old moon no longer appears, but the new ones still have the creeper face. Cheers to whoever catches the reference. The font is a semi-intuitive readable arrangement of runes based on the elder futhark. Just stare at it for a minute and you'll be able to read it fluently in no time. The lack of spacing is intentional. It makes things slightly more cryptic when characters blend together, but it's all still discernable. Be sure to use my new one. Hopefully I'll be able to do a better palette once 1. Note that the snouts overlap the old ones for backwards compatibility -Re-added the squid skins.

Default will be Summer.

Misa's Realistic Texture Pack (UPDATED 1JUL13)

Located in the Misc Folder -Altered the color of tree leaves and associated biome palettes to have a higher range of color. It will glow red when it's dangerous to go outside. Made it more stylish and easier to read. Blends better with still water, flows slower, still as turbulent as before. I felt the old one was too sloppy and dirty-looking.

Cobblestone texture to better fit the new NPC houses. Old one has been moved to alternates. Tweaked existing rod art slightly. Try it out! The single chest is now a chest of drawers. Hop on my Tinychat to suggest more. Closed until further notice -Added support files for Modloader Ugh.

The game was rendering it upside down for some odd reason. Less scary tamed wolves. No two snowflakes are alike! Best I can do for now.

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  6. Nothing I can do to fix this -Various textures like wood have been changed a bit to accompany a future release of my shader maps. More resembles an octopus to me The more weathered version is still available in the alternate resources. Wooden swords are now clubs. Slightly jerky on one or two frames. Blame math. Be sure to check custom and animated lava and water! Looks best with BetterGrass.

    You should be able to see your darker items easier now. You need to play offline for the models to work. Can't believe I missed these the first time! This texture pack started off as a 16x16 terrain. I made it for myself and had no intentions of ever releasing it. As time passed, Indev came along and I adapted this terrain. It wasn't long after that that Infdev came around and I found out you could get by with 32x32 sized tiles, so I reworked my old tiles, maintaining the general look and feel of my original pack, half of the source files I made were in 64x Since many of my source files were already in 64x64, updating the rest to that seemed the next logical step.

    At some point though I began to reach a creative block and was unable to objectively review and improve my own work. To solve this I decided to upload and share it to receive constructive criticism. But before I could do that, I decided that a terrain. And releasing a WIP was out of the question, so around the time of the Halloween update, I spent a whole day doing nearly every single other piece of art I could edit,including the mobs and items.

    Uploaded it and got the criticism I needed to improve my pack even further for my own personal use. Or so I thought! Go Back to the Table of Contents. You are only allowed to use work from this pack for remixes and compilations You are not allowed to redistribute my pack in its entirety. Getting permission is now required by the forums. You are not allowed under any circumstances barring special permission to distribute my work in any form using adf. Nor are you allowed to accept donations or payment for anything that makes use of my work. Main Download: LINK 1 Use this link if you're happy to support my work.

    This link will never change URL and always be up to date. LINK 2 Mirror: LINK No longer updated. My work is free to all and I'm happy to keep it that way. Many people have been requesting a donate button lately though, so for those who would prefer to support my work that way, here you go: Type in and enter the following: To reach the folder on a Mac: Open Finder.

    Minecraft 1 11 Texture Pack Installieren Deutsch

    Navigate to the following: That should open a folder, in that folder delete the bin folder. Run Minecraft and let it patch. When that's done, close Minecraft completely. Save my pack's zip file to the resourcepacks folder in your minececraft directory. Do not extract! Click here to download the latest version of MCPatcher. Very important! Run Minecraft and go to Mods and Resource Packs to select my pack. Mac users with problems, see here. If you have trouble getting the pack working after this, head to my Tinychat Mon-Fri for support. Closed until further notice. Had to post an image of the enderdragon.

    Keep in mind it looks better when fully animated. Image borrowed from Kaz's post until I get a chance to get some screen-shots of my own made.

    Some of my textures like menus and connected textures are white. What gives? My performance sucks, what can I do to improve it? Be sure to leave a like rating if this helped. D Subscribe: Ein Minecraft Texture Pack installieren. Hier siehst du, wie du 1.

    minecraft mo creatures mod 1.2.5 download

    Minecraft 1. Please find the Links below. Das Winthor Medieval Texture Pack kannst du hier herunterladen:. Hey Leute ihr seid sicher neu auf diesem Kanal, wenn ja, dann lasst doch gerne mal eine Positive Bewertung da und abonniert auch gerne den Kanal DanTDM Year ago. Subscribe and join TeamTDM!

    Minecraft texture pack misa's 64x64 realistic overhaul download

    Sphax PureBDcraft Mein Minecraft Server shop. Minecraft Texture Packs! Year ago. Best realistic texture packs for Minecraft 1. Update your custom textures from Minecraft 1. Fix all your broken textures and get rid of the resource Um Mods in Minecraft zu Minecraft Pocket Edition Deutsch 0. This will show you my top 5 favorite realistic style texture packs within minecraft.

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