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No man's land: The lack of MacBook middle ground

An SSD-based internal storage improves the speed and lifespan of a device. Compared to a typical hard disk drive , an SSD is 25 to times faster. This means faster boot times and quick file transfers. All the benefits of macOS: There are several reasons to love macOS.

Apple MacBook Air 11 inch - Early Reviews and Ratings - TechSpot

First is that it is less susceptible to viruses and malware than Windows. Then there is OS optimisation. Apple is both a software developer and a device manufacturer. Another reason is that the system interface gives a simple yet powerful user experience. Those who are familiar with the interface of iOS found in iPhone and iPad will find Mac OS somewhat similar—especially when it comes to installing and using apps.

There is also a seamless integration between the macOS and iOS. This makes switching between devices hassle-free. A user can start a task using an iPhone or iPad and continue it using their MacBook Air without the need to synchronise the two devices using other cloud-based drive such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Comes with a number of useful apps: Every MacBook Air comes with powerful apps for work and play.

These include office productivity apps such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Other productivity apps include Reminders, Notes, Calendar, and Maps. Other useful apps include Safari for web browsing, Mail for email, and Message and Facetime for text and video messaging. Impressive battery life: Another noteworthy advantage of MacBook Air is long battery life.

Compared to other ultrabooks and netbooks in the market, this device has better outstanding performance. The inch model lasts up to 9 hours between charges. The inch model lasts up to 12 hours. Both models have a standby time of 30 days.

Other independent tests and reviews have placed battery life around 15 to 17 hours between charges. Aside from the lithium-polymer battery capacity and SSD efficiency, the newer Intel processor has effectively made this device more energy efficient. When it finally came time to replace it, we opted to get him a inch MacBook Pro, since it felt pretty similar to his old computer and he was more comfortable with it than, say, making the jump to an iPad. On the other end of the spectrum is the MacBook. It even manages to cram in a Retina display. If I were going purely by form factor, the MacBook would be a winner.

And the MacBook is heavy on the former and light on the latter. That last point can have a substantial impact on usability. Being unable to connect, say, a microphone to a machine while also connecting it to power without an expensive add-on adapter is an issue for using the machine as a portable podcasting recording studio.

MacBook, limited edition

In trying to get the thinnest laptops on the market, Apple has put a lot of energy into creating slim profile butterfly-switch keyboards, but the results have been less than impressive. The Inch model has impressive battery life, but the Inch model has even better battery life as well as the useful SDXC Card slot.

However, for those who only do fairly simple tasks on the go -- word processing, e-mail, web browsing, listening to music, and basic photo editing, for example -- or who are looking for a lightweight "companion" notebook to complement a desktop Mac, the Inch model could be perfect.

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If price is important, a used Inch model is less expensive as well although an older MacBook or MacBook Air would be cheaper, still. If performance, connectivity and expansion are high priorities -- but size and weight are lower priorities -- a MacBook Pro would be a better choice.

MacBook Pros and Cons

If price is a high priority, a used MacBook Air also could be a worthwhile option. However, purchasing from a quality seller with extensive experience in the Mac market -- and after sales support -- will provide the best experience and save you money and time, too. In Australia, site sponsor Mac City likewise has a variety of used MacBook Air models sold at low prices and available with a free warranty and fast shipping across Australia.

Apple MacBook Air 11-Inch (2015)

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